Special Guest Lecture with Bapak Agus Setiawan, Head of the Association of Indonesian Nurse Education Center and The Dean of Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia

Bapak Agus Setiawan is a renowned expert in the field of nursing education and has extensive experience in the Indonesian healthcare system. As the head of the association, he plays a vital role in shaping the future of nursing education and healthcare practices in Indonesia.

During this special guest lecture, Bapak Agus Setiawan shared his valuable insights and knowledge regarding the healthcare system in Indonesia. He discussed the challenges and opportunities in nursing education, emphasizing the importance of skilled and compassionate nurses in providing high-quality care.

Furthermore, Bapak Agus Setiawan shared the specific issues related to elderly care in Indonesia. As the population ages, it becomes crucial to address the unique healthcare needs of the elderly population and ensure they receive appropriate care and support.

This guest lecture provided an excellent opportunity for students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in the healthcare system in Indonesia to learn from a distinguished expert in the field. Attendees gained valuable insights, engaged in meaningful discussions, and broaden their understanding of nursing and elderly care practices in Indonesia.

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